About Us

Kelia and Anthony created JustRight back in 2017 after getting frustrated with finding things that were "OK, but not quite right." Hence our name.

Based in Covent Garden, we provide a wide range of artisan, modern, and handmade furniture for contemporary everyday living. From industrial & eclectic, to vintage & bespoke, suiting budgets from essentials to high end, if you're looking for something a little different you'll find it here.

We provide limited edition collections and products from original furniture makers and designers around the UK. And we're growing!  Each of our items is hand picked as we found that we'd rather offer a really super selection of stuff we love, rather than mass product publishing that becomes impossible for our customers to navigate or find anything. We want to help you find something that you'll adore and keep in your home forever. We're always on the lookout for the new "keep pieces" that will stand the test of time and become modern design classics.

We also offer a specific product/designer sourcing service for bespoke products if you've seen something that you've really fallen in love with but can't find anywhere else. 



Now for the legal stuff!
Our Address:
JustRight Furniture
71 -75 Shelton Street 
Covent Garden 
Our registered Company Number: 11261861
Our UK VAT Registration Number:  295021117